Enhanced Commands List

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This is a list of every command that a player can use on the Enhanced server and a description of what each one does.


  • <word> - Required part of the command
  • [word] - Optional, not needed.
  • <word1 / word2 / word3 / etc.> - Required: mutiple choice, choose one.
  • [word1 / word2 / word3 / etc.] - Not requred: mutiple choice, choose one.


  • /aa, /aach, /aachievements, /advancedachievements - Our custom achievements help command. Type any one of these to get a list of other commands for this plugin (listed below).
  • /aa list - Displays a menu with all of your completed and incomplete achievements.
  • /aa top - Displays your personal and the global leaderboards for achievements.
  • /aa book - Gives you a book listing all of your completed achievements.
  • /aa week - Displays the weekly achievement rankings.
  • /aa stats - Displays the amount of receiveed achievements.
  • /aa month - Displays the monthly achivement rankings.
  • /aa toggle - Toggles the achievements of other players. This choice is saved until a server restart.

  • /acrobatics - Displays information about your acrobatics ability from mcMMO.
  • /alchemy - Displays information about your alchemy ability from mcMMO.
  • /archery - Displays information about your archery ability from mcMMO.
  • /axes - Displays information about your axes ability from mcMMO.

  • /afk - Toggles your AFK (away from keyboard) status on the server.
  • /afkcheck <player name> - Checks another player's AFK status.

  • /ah, /auction, /auctionhouse - Opens the menu where you can sell your items to other players
  • /ah expired - Shows all the expired items that you didn't sell to re-claim.
  • /ah sell <price> - Sells the item you're holding for the specified price.
  • /ah search <item name> - Searches the auction house for a specific item.
  • /ah sold - Shows all items you've sold.


  • /bal, /balance - Displays your current balance from our economy on the server.
  • /baltop - Shows the servers leaderboards for the highest balance.

  • /bi, /binfo, /beacon, /beaconi, /beaconinfo - Shows information about your beacon's custom effects. (look at the beacon block with crosshair for it to work).

  • /blacklist <sorting / inventory> <addMaterial / removeMaterial / list / clear> - This command allows you to blacklist items from sorting in either your inventory or chests, and also allows you to remove them.

  • /buy - Displays our server store menu where you can buy our ranks, item, permissions, subscriptions or donate.


  • /chat - Sends a chat message to the server - (is the same as typing normally).
  • /cheque <amount of money> - Creates a cheque to give to a player to recieve money. Note: You must be holding paper for this to work!
  • /cmi, /cmi help - Main help menu for our ultilities plugin.
  • /colorlimits - Displays all the colours you're allowed to use and where you can use them.
  • /cplaytime - Shows your detailed play time statistics for the Enhanced server.

  • /cp, /chestprotect - Open your main menu for viewing protections and editing your personal settings from our protection feature.

  • /clan, /clans - Shows all available commands for our Clans feature (listed below).
  • /cc <message> - Sends a message to your clan.
  • /clanchat <message> - Sends a message to your clan.
  • /clan party - Invites all members in the clan you're part of to a party.
  • /clan chat <message> - Sends a message to your clan.
  • /clan get <player name> - Lists the clan that the specified player is part of.
  • /clan list [clan] - Lists the members of your clan (or the clan name you put in [clan]).
  • /clan leave - Leaves your current clan.
  • /clan settings <all / friends / nobody> - Changes your ability to receive clan invites from other players.

  • /cleaningitem get - Gives you a cleaning item that will sort all containers when right clicked with this item.
  • /cleaninventory - Sorts all the items in the container you're looking at with your crosshair.

  • /clearchat me - Clears your own chat.

  • /crate claim - Claim any crate keys you were given with a full inventory.

  • /ctext rules - Displays the rules of the server.


  • /db, /daily, /dailybonus - Opens a menu containing all 7 of your daily join bonuses.

  • /delhome <home name> - Removes the home you've set.
  • /discord - Displays our Discord server link for you to join.


  • /ef, /epicfurnaces remote <furance name> - Opens up any of your remote furnaces you created using our custom furnaces plugin.

  • /el, /epiclevels - Opens the server levels menu.

  • /excavation - Displays information about your excavation ability from mcMMO.


  • /fishing - Displays information about your fishing ability from mcMMO.

  • /f, /friend - Shows all available commands for the friends feature (listed below).
  • /fmsg <friend name> <message> - Sends a message to a friend of your choosing.
  • /f list - Lists all your current friends on the server.
  • /f msg <friend name> <message> - Sends a message to a friend of your choosing.
  • /f add <player name> - Sends a friend request to a player of your choosing.
  • /f accept <player name> - Accepts a friend request from the specified player.
  • /f deny <player name> - Denies a friend request from the specified player.
  • /f remove <friend name> - Removes a friend from your friends list.
  • /f jump <friend name> - Sends you to the same server as the specified friend is playing on.
  • /f settings - Change and toggle settings to do with receiving friend requests, how you display and more. Options will be given with this command.
  • /f cancel <friend name> - Cancels a friend request you have made.
  • /f block <player name> - Block a player from contacting you via friends features.
  • /f unblock <player name> - Unblock a player from contacting you via friends features.
  • /f blocklist - Lists all players you have blocked.



  • /hdb, /heads, /headdb - Displays a heads menu where you can buy over 20,000 custom heads with in-game money.
  • /help - Displays most of the commands you can do.
  • /helpop <message> - Send a message to all staff members privately.

  • /herbalism - Displays information about your herbalism ability from mcMMO.

  • /home [homename] - Teleport to one of your homes. (if no home name is given, it will open a menu to select a home).
  • /homes - This will list all your homes in a menu, where you can either teleport to them or delete them by shift-right-clicking.


  • /ignore <player name> - Ignores any chat messages or direct messages from the specified player.

  • /inspect <player name> - Allows you to check another player's mcMMO stats.


  • /jobs - Shows all available commands for obtaining and managing your jobs on the server (listed below).
  • /jobs join [job name] - Joins the specifed job - (If no job was typed, will open the jobs menu).
  • /jobs browse - Opens a menu where you can browse all available jobs
  • /jobs itembonus - Shows information about what the item held in your hand may do for your currently equipped job(s).
  • /jobs bonus <job name> - Lists all bonuses available for the specified job.
  • /jobs info <job> [action] - Lists all info for the rewards from each job. You can filter an action, too. Use tab-completion to view all actions available for the job.
  • /jobs quests - Lists available job quests.
  • /jobs stats - Shows your current level for the job(s) you're part of.
  • /jobs points <player name> - Show the specified player's job points.
  • /jobs top <job name> - Shows the leaderboards for the specified job type.
  • /jobs gtop - Shows the leaderboards for the highest job in general.
  • /jobs leave <job name> - Leave the specified job.
  • /jobs leaveall - Leave all currently selected jobs.
  • /jobs toggle <actionbar / bossbar> - Toggles payment output to your action bar (above your hotbar) or your bossbar (hp bar at the top of the screen).
  • /jobs archive <player name> - Shows all past data for the specifed user's jobs.
  • /jobs blockinfo - Shows the name and information about the block you are looking at.
  • /jobs iteminfo - Shows information about the item you are holding.


  • /kit, /kits - Opens the menu that shows all available kits to you.


  • /level, /levels - Opens the server levels menu.

  • /lock - toggles locking mode where you punch blocks to protect them.


  • /mail send <player name> <message> - Sends the specified person a mail, even if they're offline.

  • /mcability - Toggles your mcMMO ability usage.
  • /mccooldown, /mccooldowns - Lists all mcMMO ability cooldowns.
  • /mc party - Displays the mcMMO party commands. Note: /party is used elsewhere, use /mcparty instead.
  • /mcinfo, /mmoinfo <subskill> - Displays info on any skill attached to any of your main mcMMO skills.
  • /mcnotify - Toggles notification messages from the plugin for messages such as levelling.
  • /mcrank - Displays your personal mcMMO rankings.
  • /mcstats - shows your personal mcMMO stats.
  • /mctop [skill] - Shows top mcMMO power level for all players, or for the specified skill.
  • /mining - Displays information about your mining ability from mcMMO.
  • /money - Displays your current balance from our economy on the server.
  • /msg <player name> <message> - Send a private message to another player. (You can message over all our servers).
  • /msgtoggle - Toggles the ability for people to send you a message.




  • /party invite <player name> - Invites a player to your party.
  • /party join <player name> - Join a player's party or accept an invite.
  • @, @p, @party /pc, /partychat <message>

  • /pay <player name> <amount> - Sends the specified amount of in-game currency to the specified player.
  • /paytoggle - Toggles the ability for other players to pay you money.
  • /playtime - Shows your overall play time on the Enhanced server.
  • /playtimetop - Shows the leaderboard of people with the highest play time.
  • /prewards - Displays your hourly and 24-hourly rewards that you can claim, or the time left until the next available one.

  • /pr, /protect - Open your main menu for viewing protections and editing your personal settings from our protection feature.
  • /pw, /pwarp - Lists the commands to help create a public warp for other players to use.
  • /pws, /pwg, /pwarps - Opens the public warps menu.



  • /realname <part of player's nickname> - Shows the real name of the specified player if they are using a nickname.
  • /recipe <item> - Displays the recipe of any given item name.
  • /removehome <home name> - Removes the home you've set.
  • /r, /reply - Replies to the latest messaged person.
  • /rt, /rtp - Randomly teleport to a location. You can only do this once.
  • /rules - Lists the server rules.

  • /report <player name> <reason> - Report a player to staff members for analysis for hackers, griefs and any rule breakers.


  • /salvage - Displays information about your salvage ability from mcMMO.

  • /sethome <home name> - Sets a home at your current location to the name you specify.
  • /shop, /store - Teleports you to the server store.
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the server spawn.

  • /sf, /slimefun guide - Gives you a slimefun guide to help with crafting recipes.

  • /skill, /skills - Shows all available commands for our skills plugin (listed below).
  • /skill select - Select a skill.
  • /skill partyinvite - Invite a player to your skill party.
  • /skill mastery - Open your mastery menu where you can upgrade your skills.
  • /skill top - Shows the leaderboard showing the highest skill level.
  • /skill partyleave - Leave your current skill party.
  • /skill stats - manage your stat points to upgrade your skill.
  • /skill showactivemessage - Toggle active skill messages.
  • /skill info - Use to see your current skill level, stats and improvements.
  • /skill change - Change your current skill to a different skill.
  • /skill help - Display a list of all commands in-game.
  • /skill partyaccept - Accept an incoming invite from a player.
  • /skill improve - Use to open the skills improvement menu.
  • /skill partycreate - Create a skill party.
  • /skill partyshow - Display information about your current party.

  • /smelting - Displays information about your smelting ability from mcMMO.
  • /swords - Displays information about your swords ability from mcMMO.

  • /spawnershop - Opens a menu where you can purchase spawners.