Enhanced Custom Enchantments

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When echanting something, you have the chance of getting a custom enchantment on the item. However, not all enchantments are beneficial, there are some curses that will negatively affect your gameplay. All of the custom enchantments and their descriptions and abilities are listed below. To get a custom enchantment on an item, simply enchant your item in a normal enchantment table, and there's a 4 in 10 chance that you will get a custom enchantment along with your normal enchantments. Please ask staff if you need any more information on any of these enchantments explained in more detail.

<Name> [<Lowest enchantment level>-<Highest enchantment level>] - <Description>


  • Aerial [1-5] - Does more damage while the player is in the air.
  • Antigravity [1-3] - Permanent (high-level) jump boost
  • Artisan [1-5] - Pickaxes mine in veins, axes fell entire trees, etc.
  • Beheading [1-3] - Gives a chance to drop the player's/mob's head if the enchanted item strikes the killing blow.
  • Bleeding [1-5] - Continuously damages the target for a short time. Damage depends on level and base weapon damage.
  • Blinding [1-5] - Has a chance to blind the target for a short period of time.
  • Burst [1-3] - When firing an arrow, will also fire extra arrows in a line behind it.
  • Charging [1-5] - Does more damage while the player is sprinting.
  • Disarming [1-5] - Has a chance to make the target drop their currently-held items.
  • Explosive [1-3] - When a block is broken, all the blocks around that block are also broken.
  • Fiery [1] - Arrows that hit a mob or land on a block will set their surroundings on fire.
  • Freezing [1-5] - Has a chance to slow and possibly completely freeze the target for a short period of time.
  • Magnetic [1-3] - Slowly draws any ground items around the player towards them.
  • Multishot [1-3] - When firing an arrow, will also fire a few extra arrows that spread out a bit.
  • Poisonous [1-5] - Has a chance to poison the target for a short period of time.
  • Proficiency [1-5] - Drops more experience per action (mining, fishing, kills, etc).
  • Rampage [1-3] - The more you kill, the stronger you get. Cools off after a while.
  • Repairing [1-5] - Slowly repairs the item over time if the player is holding it.
  • Smelting [1] - The enchanted item acts like a furnace for anything it breaks.
  • Stillness [1] - Prevents block updates when breaking a block.
  • Thunderous [1-3] - Gives a chance to strike the target with lightning when the enchanted item hits it.
  • Tornado [1-3] - Sends the target up into the air when hit.
  • Vampiric [1-5] - Gives the player a small amount of health back depending on the damage dealt with the enchanted item.


  • Adherence [1] - The cursed item cannot be moved from one inventory to another.
  • Calling [1-5] - Draws nearby mobs toward the holder/wearer and makes them hostile
  • Decay [1-5] - Breakable items break far more quickly.
  • Ender [1-3] - If the player wearing the cursed item is hit, they have a chance to be randomly teleported a fair distance away.
  • Leeching [1-5] - The cursed item takes health from the player and gives it to the target.
  • Pacifism [1] - The cursed item can do no damage to any mob or player.
  • Stickiness [1-3] - The cursed item, once held, must be held for a certain amount of time. You just can't let go!
  • Treason [1-3] - Has a chance to transfer to your attacker's inventory (or drop on the ground) when you have been hit.
  • Wither [1-5] - Slowly kills the wearer/holder .