Enhanced Liquid Tanks

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Liquid Tanks is a very useful and versatile plugin that allows you to store all liquids inside of a hopper, as a sort of tank. You can store: Experience Points, Water, Lava, Milk, Mushroom Stew, Rabbit Stew, Beetroot Soup and Dragon Breath. Instructions on how to use these items is listed below.

Creating a Tank

To obtain a liquid tank, you craft one using 1 Hopper, 7 Glass Blocks and 1 Redstone Comparator. The crafting recipe is as follows:

Enhanced Liquid Tanks Crafting Recipe.png

Adding to a Tank

Now you've crafted your tank, you're ready to start using it. Start by placing it in the location you want it to be in. Don't worry, you can break it with any type of pickaxe that can break hoppers normally and it'll drop a tank. You will see a hopper with a glass block inside of it. Now you can grab any kind of the liquids listed in the opening paragraph above and start adding to your hopper. Right click on the hopper with your desired liquid (don't shift while doing this!), and it will be added to the tank. That's it! Right clicking on a hopper with an empty hand will show you how full the tank is. You can keep adding to a hopper until this bar is full, then you can't add any more to it.

Removing from a Tank

Want to extract your fluids? Well, all you have to do is grab your empty variant of the container the item was in, and right click the hopper. This could be a Bucket, Bowl or Empty Potion Bottle. If you have experience points in your tank, you may crouch / sneak beneath the hopper to extract them, or right click with empty bottles to get a Bottle O' Enchanting. Alternatively, you can break the hopper and you'll get all your XP back.

A Few Reminders

You cannot have more than 1 type of liquid in the same tank. As well as this, breaking any tank other than the experience tank will remove all of the fluid inside of it, and this will not be refunded by staff.