Enhanced Player Warps

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On the enhanced server, we have a tool for users to be able to create public warps of their own. These can be used for whatever you like: Public towns, mob farms, a shop, mall - you name it, you do it. We added this feature as we thought it would be a way for people to interact more with other users, as well as be a way for people to show off their creations to anyone interested. Below is the information listed on how to create a player warp.

Creating A Warp

To create a warp, first start off stand in the spot and face the way you want the users to warp to. Now, type /pwarp. This will bring up a menu where you can see other peoples' warps, or you can create your own. Navigate to the anvil named "Buy a Warp". Click it. Warps cost $1000 in-game currency, and you have full access to the editing, creation and deletion of this warp at any time. The warps are priced because we feel that it will make people only include warps that are relevant.

Now you can name your warp. Click the nametag labelled "Set the Warp's Title". Type the name you want the warp to have here. This name can be edited after. If you are Prime or above, you may use colour codes in this. Select the item in the anvil's last box to complete the naming process. Now, click on the written book labelled "Set the Warp's Description". Here you can describe what is at the warp, or what the warp is for. Please note that any inappropriate names or descriptions will result in deletion of the warp with no refund. Select the item in the anvil once again to finish this, and now click the emerald in the menu. This will complete the warp and take your currency. You've successfully created a Player Warp!

Using & Editing A Warp

To edit a warp, right or left click on your warp in the menu. There will be a settings item, which is a comparator. Here, you can rename, change the description, or change the location (costs $500 to change the location!), as well as change the warp's status, in case you're doing work on it and don't want people teleporting. Click on any of the icons to do the respective task. To use a warp, simply click on the warp, and click on the ender pearl. This will teleport you there.