Enhanced Skills

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To complement the MMO play style of the server, we have player skills to modify the player's PvE and PvP experience very heavily. This is an advanced system which adds a lot of extra play styles to the game to help you advance to be the best and bravest player on the server. This wiki will explain the basics of how to use and upgrade your player, as well as some infographics to help you understand your skills abilities and weaknesses.

Skill Types

Listed here is every different skill type you can choose. It has detailed information on how to utilise the skill to its upmost potential, so choose wisely!

Enhanced Skills Swordsman Information.png
Enhanced Skills Devourer Information.png
Enhanced Skills Mage Information.png
Enhanced Skills FireMage Information.png
Enhanced Skills Juggernaut Information.png
Enhanced Skills Abralist Information.png
Enhanced Skills Vampire Information.png
Enhanced Skills Eidolon Information.png


  • /skill, /skills - Shows all available commands for our skills plugin (listed below).
  • /skill select - Select a skill.
  • /skill partyinvite - Invite a player to your skill party.
  • /skill mastery - Open your mastery menu where you can upgrade your skills.
  • /skill top - Shows the leaderboard showing the highest skill level.
  • /skill partyleave - Leave your current skill party.
  • /skill stats - manage your stat points to upgrade your skill.
  • /skill showactivemessage - Toggle active skill messages.
  • /skill info - Use to see your current skill level, stats and improvements.
  • /skill change - Change your current skill to a different skill.
  • /skill help - Display a list of all commands in-game.
  • /skill partyaccept - Accept an incoming invite from a player.
  • /skill improve - Use to open the skills improvement menu.
  • /skill partycreate - Create a skill party.
  • /skill partyshow - Display information about your current party.

Skill Upgrading

There are many ways you can upgrade your skill to become stronger and more agile. The 3 menus below are the main ways to do this, however the only way to be able to level these up is by collecting Souls. Souls are gathered when you kill another player or a mob. By doing this, you also level up your skill level. This will reward you with more hearts. The highest level you can obtain is 100. Each level gets progresively harder to obtain, by 100 XP each time. You can find your XP and level above your hotbar. if you die, you will lose around 5 Souls, no matter how you die. Here's how you can utilize those Souls:


The mastery menu allows you to upgrade your skill's ability and functionality, which will change your the overall gameplay experience, modifying various things, such as mining, farming and more. When you open the menu with /skill mastery you will be greeted with various options. Each one of these items has 5 different tiers, each costing more Souls every time you upgrade. Simply click on the item you want to upgrade to upgrade.


Stat points are gained when you level up your skill XP. You earn different amounts depending on your level, the higher the level, the more you will earn. You can then use these stat points to upgrade these to make yourself stronger when dealing damage and taking damage. When you open the stats menu with /skill stats you will see 4 different types of item. Each one of these modifies your player in different ways. Each skill type depends on different stat types in different ways, and some more heavily than others, as well as the Improve upgrade menu uses some abilities that complement the stats menu abilities too. To upgrade a stat, simply click the top item in the row to upgrade it by 1 level, or click the sword beneath to upgrade it all the way to 100, or if you don't have enough, it will upgrade it to the maximum it can with your points. The maximum level you can have is 100 for each of the items. To see your stat points, hover over the nether star at the top of the stats menu.


THe improve menu is a menu that has different abilities for every different skill type, which offers perks and powerups that go together with the Stats abilities. There are 3 different levels, each costing more Souls each time you level up. The maximum level is 3. You may enable and disable these abilities by clicking on them once you have reached level 3 on that item. To level up the ability, simply click the firework powder on the left.