Enhanced Useful Commands

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The enhanced server has a lot of really useful and unique features all added for your enjoyment and ease of use. This wiki page will outline these features here, and how to use them. If there is a feature that you think we're missing, request the feature and a staff member will add it.


On enhanced, you can create a /home. As default, members have 3 homes. Homes are a form of way-point that are private to you. You can create these homes anywhere, and you can access them at any time.

Creating a Home

Creating a home is simple. Stand in the place you wish the home to be in, and type /sethome <name of home>. The name of a home can be anything you like, but cannot contain spaces. If you wish to overwrite a home name, typing this same command with the same home name will do so.

Viewing & Teleporting to Homes

To view your homes, you can type /homes. This will bring up a menu of all of your current homes you have. The item displayed is the block you were stood ontop of, which should help you remember. These are not configurable by the player. To go to a home, simply right click the item in the GUI. You will be teleported. Alternatively, you may type /home <name of home> if you don't want to use the menu.

Deleting A Home

To delete a home, you can either type /homes and shift-right click on the home you wish to view, or type /delhome <name of home>. Either method works exactly the same.


There are many ways to use and collect currency on the enhanced server. You can assign a job to yourself and by doing that job, you get paid. You can also gain currency from lucky blocks, as well as the daily join bonuses. Players can also send you money.

Currency Commands

  • /bal - Shows your current balance.
  • /money - Shows your current balance.
  • /pay <player you want to pay> <amount of money> - Allows you to send a specific user a desired amount of money. There is no refunding this if you send it to the wrong person.
  • /cheque <amount of money> - This will create a cheque that a player may right click to gain the specified amount of money. NOTE: You must be holding a piece of paper to perform this, and you have to have the right amount of currency to add to this paper.
  • /baltop - This will list everyone's balances in order of highest to lowest. Hovering over the "TopBalance" at the top of the chat message will show the server's total balance.
  • /paytoggle - Toggles the ability for someone to use the pay command on you.

Note: These commands may take some time to update. It usually takes about 30 seconds for the top balance to be recalculated.